Life in Lanikai

A week on Oahu has gone by. It has been 1,5 years since I last left the island, and while I did not think I’d come back this soon already, I am really glad I did. I am staying with my friend Kevin from college, in his parent’s house in Lanikai. By far the prettiest […]

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Lanikai Beach

Can you take yet another Hawaii throwback? Yes, I think so. You simply just have too! This time I wanted to show you a photoshoot that I had with Winston in October, from the beautiful Lanikai beach in Kailua. The beach has been voted the second most beautiful beach in the States, which isn’t without […]

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Aloha Again

How is October treating you so far? I don’t think I’ve ever had an October like this, full of palm trees and sun! It is good to be back on my favorite island, but honestly it feels like I’m in the process of finally closing this aloha chapter. Hawaii will always be in my heart, […]

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Minion on Vacation

In only three days I’ll be back on my favorite island, and I honestly cannot wait to soak up on vitamin-D and a lot of other fun. This time I’m only staying for 10 days, but to me that is 10 days better than nothing. Before taking off and flying, I’ve looked through some of […]

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Diamond Head

Da jeg først kom til Oahu sommeren 2015, trodde jeg Diamond Head var et helt vanlig fjell! Det viste seg kjapt å være ganske så feil, fordi Diamond Head er nemlig et stort krater, som tidligere har vært en vulkan. Det er mulig å gå tur til toppen av den høyeste kraterveggen, hvor man får […]

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