Iceland Itinerary

Here comes our Iceland itinerary! We actually got five whole days due to our flights being an early morning flight on our way to Reykjavik and a late flight on our way back to Oslo. I’d say we made the most of it and had the best short week exploring Reykjavik. Day 1 When arriving […]

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Top 3 restaurants in Reykjavik

DILL Dill is the first restaurant in Iceland to receive a Michelin star, and it is not without reason. This new nordic, culinary experience will blow you off your chair and be a memory of a lifetime. At least it was for me! But it has to be mentioned that this was my first time […]

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One day in Copenhagen

This weekend I went to Copenhagen with the student paper Unikum. On our first day we visited two different papers and focused more on learning. On our second day we had the whole day free and decided to go sightseeing in Copenhagen. Everything is walking distance in Copenhagen, so you kan see a lot during […]

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10 courses at Sentralen

Hey there! It’s been a while. My bad! But now I am here, and this time around I would like to share with you our lovely valentines dinner at Sentralen in Oslo. Christopher and I discussed the possibilities of me becoming a food blogger (I mean, I already am one – just look here) who […]

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Oslo a Winter Day

I wasn’t at all prepared for two nights at Comfort Hotel Xpress Youngstorget, but who says no to hotel nights? The reason for our little stay was that my love didn’t have the keys to his apartment at hand when we came back from Christmas celebrations in Haugesund. Honestly, that really sucked, but we made […]

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Winter Wonderland

The past couple of years I have been visiting the Christmas market in Spikersuppa in Oslo. It is so nice and cozy, and all the lights really set the Christmas spirit for me. Now I really can’t go a December without paying Oslo a visit. Today we are off to try the ice skating rink. […]

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How I Feel About Alcohol

I am one of those people who can come off as having a really intricate relationship towards alcohol. It really isn’t all that complicated, but the conversation often comes with a lot of explaining and excuses as to why I am not having a drink. What it all boils down to: I drink when I […]

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