Hours in Haugesund

This post is a show off of my hometown area. I often tend to travel very far, experiencing great things that I blog about, but it is time I figured I’d give my beloved Haugalandet some credit. There are a lot of charming places to visit and to have a good time at in the Haugesund area. So let me list a few things I like spending my time doing almost right outside my door.


Hike Himakånå

Himakånå has become a very popular hiking spot the past year. The hike starts after approximately a 40 minute car ride from Haugesund, in Nedstrand. The hike itself is about 6 km long, which is not very far, but let me warn you – it is pretty steep. Therefore it takes you a little less than an hour to reach the top, where you can get your perfect Himakånå photo. Himakånå rises above Lysevatnet and Nedstrandsfjorden. I like to call it the little kid of Trolltunga, which I’m sure you’ve heard about!


Take the ferry out to Røvær

If you hop on the boat from the harbor in Haugesund, you’ll reach Røvær within 25 minutes. Røvær is a “handful of pebbles” in the North sea, a charming group of little islands for you to explore. It has it’s own hotel, a aquaculture centre, a grocery store and a tiny boutique with handmade things. The seahouse functions as a restaurant, serving the traditional dish of West Coast Norway: Komla. Take a few hours to check out the peaceful island life of Røvær!


Hang out at Åkrasanden

My American friends don’t believe me when I tell them we have beaches in Norway, so here you have some proof! To be honest this photo is taken at the beach called Solastrand, but it is Åkrasanden I’d like to highlight in this post. It is located about 30 minutes outside of Haugesund, if you drive, and is one of Norway’s finest beaches. Unfortunately I cannot promise you perfect beach weather, but Åkrasanden grants you a beautiful beach experience regardless of the sun peeking out. Prefect for an overcast picnic!

Take a stroll down the harbor

The harbor of Haugesund has a few restaurants, bars and night clubs to keep you entertained. I’ll be sure to list my favorite Haugesund restaurants in another post. Anyways, the harbor offers a nice view of Smedasundet, and is great for people and boat watching.

Hike Kyststien

Kyststien (the “coast path”)  is literally just a few meters from my door. A short hike, about 4 kilometers roundtrip, that takes you from the famous monument Haraldshaugen/Haraldsstøtta out to the lighthouse and swim spot in Kvalsvik. It is a nice hike showing off the beautiful costal nature of western Norway. Don’t forget to say hi to the goats and sheep from me while you’re there!


Watch the full view of Haugesund from Steinsfjellet

To me this is a classic spot to take visitors. At Steinsfjellet you get a majestic view of Haugesund, and it is a great photospot. It is located on top of Haugesund, right after the area called Skåredalen. You can’t miss the big telecom mast at the top.




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