Life in Lanikai

A week on Oahu has gone by. It has been 1,5 years since I last left the island, and while I did not think I’d come back this soon already, I am really glad I did. I am staying with my friend Kevin from college, in his parent’s house in Lanikai. By far the prettiest neighborhood on the island, in my opinion. I am not really sure how I got so lucky that I ended up here.

My days consist of waking up early due to jetlag, eating a fresh papaya picked from the garden and making my way to the beach. Sometimes I bring the golden retriever in the house, Zoe, so that she can take a little morning run and swim. After a few hours on the beach it is time for lunch and for my sunburned skin to rest. I hang out with Kevins friends and spend all my money on Target.

We’ve also been doing some really fun stuff. The following are some of my recommendations on what to do in Lanikai.

Sunbathe on Lanikai beach

Ranked the second prettiest beach in the US, Lanikai beach is a must see. The white sand and turquoise water makes for a perfect spot to relax, read a book and get a tan.


Go out to the Mokes

The Mokes are two islands just outside Lanikai (see Pillbox hike photos). You can reach them by boat, paddling, paddle board or by swimming if you’re a really good swimmer. One of the Mokes has a little beach, as well as tide pools and cliffs to jump off of. Sometimes monk seals join you on the beach. Make day of it and paddle out to the Mokes!



Pillbox hike

The pillbox hike is a must do on Oahu. It’s a pretty steep but short hike that takes you to two abandoned bunkers. You can climb on top of the bunkers, where you get a great view over Lanikai, Kailua and the east side of Oahu. It is a perfect spot to watch the sunrise if you’re an early riser, or if you just have a jetlag like me.

Take a stroll or bike around the neighborhood

Like mentioned Lanikai is one of the prettiest neighborhoods on the island. It has a bike lane so you can explore the big mansions and beach houses in the area either by foot or bike.







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