Hungry in Hungary

In Budapest you can find a lot of delicious cheap eats, while still dining at a decent place. I’d like to invite you in to where I dined while in the Hungarian capital. I should probably have tried more local food when looking at these photos, so I guess I’ll save that for the next time I go. Regardless of not being very local, I enjoyed all the food on this trip!

Mazel Tov

Such an amazing place with delicious, jewish food. I love the interior and the place has a cool atmosphere. I went there for lunch right after the restaurant opened, which meant it was not too crowded. I definitely recommend the falafel!


The New York Café

When in Budapest you have to stop by the famous New York Café. It is even marked as an own stop on the hop on/hop off bus. I only stopped by for the New York Lemonade, since I was planning on having lunch at Mazel Tov. It is clear to say that the New York Café is a busy spot, so be prepared to stand in line for a bit. But as I’ve said before, one of the perks of traveling alone is that they fit you in, so I got a table right away.


The Market

By Vörösmarty tér you find a street food market with yummy burgers, meats, ice cream, baked goods, hot dogs and so on. Worth stopping by!


Radáy Utca (street)/Vietnami Étterem

On the street called Radáy there are a lot of hip restaurants, including the well known pizza place the Pink Cadillac. I was planning on going in there, but once I saw the Vietnamese place right by it, I couldn’t resist. I just love phö, and because I have a hard time finding this delicious soup in my hometown, I tend to get it a lot while traveling. This time was no exception. I went to this Vietnamese place two times during my stay in Budapest. Cheap and great!



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