Seven reasons for traveling alone

The other weekend I traveled alone to Paris. Just because I wanted to, really. Experience the city of love! I find it to be so much easier traveling all by myself.

Here is why:

  1. You get to do whatever you want. No compromises! Nothing you don’t really want to do that much. And you can take all the time you need, or rush through it all if that’s what you like. You can spend as much time as you want on your makeup and hair, and take all the selfies in the world without bothering anyone. 😉
  2. You get to know new people more easily. It turns out that sitting on a park bench in front of the Eiffel Tower makes you a people magnet. This is as much a plague as a positive thing, but it has it’s charming sides. Like when I got free cheesecake from a dude on the plane.
  3. You fall more in love with the place you visit. At least this is my experience. The last time I traveled alone was to Hawaii, where I ended up living for six months. There is just something about exploring a new place by yourself.
  4. You become more independent. I love how independent solo traveling has made me. People who meet me now can hardly believe I was afraid of taking the bus alone ten years ago, lol.
  5. You can just go! You don’t have to coordinate anything with anyone. I find it hard to find a travel companion, because they never have the time or money. With solo traveling you can just go whenever you have the chance!
  6. They fit you in. It’s easier getting a table on a crowded, popular restaurant if you’re only one. They always find a place for you somewhere. You also often get cheaper plane tickets, and one-man-hotelrooms are often easy on the wallet as well.
  7. You don’t have to worry about doing embarrassing stuff. You’re the only one who saw it anyways! Along with the people around of course, but you’re never seeing those people again. By embarrassing stuff I for example mean setting up a tripod in front of the busiest tourist spot and having a photoshoot by yourself, haha. Or asking for an upgrade on the plane because it is your birthday. I do not recommend that last thing tho, I did it once. Didn’t work.
“Who were you traveling with? I saw the pictures.” Well, I took them myself! 

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