Becoming my best me in Bali

I climb out of my dome, ready to start the day. I see the sun shining through a blanket of fog. A gekko greets a dragonfly good morning while tiny drops of water run down one of the many green plants. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


A handful of people are making their way along the ever so big rice fields. It is time for the yoga class of the day. 15 yoga mats are placed in a half moon formation, making them resemble the sun.

– The sun is in everything, the yoga teacher preaches.


Also the following breakfast lights up from a good amount of sun. A smoothie bowl with fresh fruit ripened in the sun is on the menu.


A few relaxing hours by the pool is what now is needed after such a busy morning. 😉 Hair bleaches and skin tans while a snake surprises me with it’s presence. Well, better let it go on with it’s mission. Biting me doesn’t seem to be it.

Treating my body well is my mission on this trip, so a massage seems to be pretty fitting at this time. Gentle, Balinese hands run down my back massaging all the right places, while I almost take a nap.


– Lunch is served, the staff at Akasha Eco Center kindly informs.

Like with all of the other meals this lunch is also vegan, gluten free and raw. A little unusual for a girl who has become accustomed to culinary experiences at some of Europe’s best restaurants the past year. Surprisingly, the food is tasty and what is more it makes one feel good. Both when it comes to the physical aspect, but also with regard to guilt.


Another class is now on the program. This time the participants learn about manifestation and the power of dreaming big. Classes on meditation and detoxing are also on the schedule for the next days. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The sun has hidden for the day. A little girl comes up to me. She puts her hand up to let me know she is four years old. We bond over pretend-eating the couch. For someone craving pizza and burgers, this seems to be just the right game.

I tell her I have an appointment to get my nails done, and have to leave. She says she’d like some polish too, and I promise her she can paint her nails if she checks in with her mom.


Dinner is now on the table. Again some vegan deliciousness is served and we ask all the questions on how we can make this dish at home. Surprisingly simple! I make a mental note of the recipe and chug a glass of coconut water. Going crazy tonight.


The little girl is back. She takes my hand, and we join the liberating dance that is going on at the resort. I envy her energy. She takes a look at my nails and gives me a sassy look:

– Did you get your nails done without me?

Oops! I guess I have some explaining to do. I promise that I’ll paint her nails when the sun once again rises tomorrow.


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