Battle of the burgers

Munchie’s vs. Troy’s

Ever since I met Chris he has always talked about his favorite burger place in Oslo called Munchie’s. It’s his and his friends usual Sunday spot, but somehow I’ve never gotten around to try it. Until now! At this point I had heard really good things about a new burger joint in town called Troy’s, so we made the whole thing a battle. On Monday we went to Munchie’s for me to try their classic burger, and today we ordered burgers from Troy’s to compare. These burgers are in the same price range, both costing 300 kr for two burgers, one order of regular fries and an extra dip sauce.


On Monday we headed down to Grünerløkka for me to finally try Munchie’s. I got the classic burger and he got the burger of the month. We also had regular fries and jalapeño mayo on the side.

Read how it all tasted below.



Today we ordered Foodora to the park we were chilling in. Such a lovely weather to have a little burger picnic in. We both got the truffle burger as well as regular fries with truffle mayo on the side.

Read how it all tasted below.



And the winner is…

Munchie’s! There is no doubt. Between these two it really was the best burger. If not the best burger I’ve ever had. So juicy and nice without being to “fatty”, with crispy vegetables that make it a nice taste symphony. I really cheered for the Troy’s burger, but it didn’t stand a chance up against the Munchie’s classic. The Troy one had way to much bun, which was also way too dry. The patty itself was good and the truffle sauce not too bad (even though using truffle oil instead of real truffle is a huge NO), but it was no way near Munchies quality.

Troy’s might have gotten a little disadvantage due to us ordering the burgers home via Foodora, but honestly I think the buns would have been dry regardless. They should almost have come out more moist from hanging out with the cheese and patty on the ride up to us, lol. I also think that if you offer Foodora at you restaurant you should specialize in making your take away food just as good as the dine in food. The fries were also cold, but that happened at Munchie’s as well, so that’s something to improve on for both of the restaurants. We don’t like cold fries!!

Here it is in writing: Munchie’s has the best burger!



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