Oslo Botanical Garden

This summer I’m spending my couple weeks off from work and school in Oslo. I’m not going abroad this summer, because I’m saving for my yoga trip to Bali this fall!!! Can’t wait! But Oslo is really showing off her good side now, and is giving me a lot of sun and summer feeling, so I really don’t mind staying in beautiful Norway all summer long.

I’ve lived in Oslo for a year earlier on, and I’ve spent quite a few weekends in this city the past year too. Funny where love takes you. Nevertheless, I’ve never actually been to the botanical garden! So it was high time I went. I was really looking forward to seeing peonies in full bloom (they are my favorite), but unfortunately they were still only buds…   I had a good time anyways, and I guess it just means I have to go back. The garden has free entrance (only the museums have fees) anyways!

As you probably expect I spent most of the time in the tropical and desert climate with the palm trees and succulents. Which is also the only place in the garden I have pictures from.. #classicine



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