Another great Stockholm restaurant. This one has a Michelin star too, which is well deserved. We were placed at the so called “Community Table”, with six other people. It could have been a great opportunity to get to know new people, but four of the guests (a family) at the table didn’t really seem interested in that, oh well… Nonetheless it seems like there is actually a language barrier between Sweden and Norway. I can’t help but laugh, cause I know they (those four people) would’ve understood me if they just cared to listen a little bit more carefully. Again; Oh well.. I tried.

The eight of us were served Gastrologik’s 18 course tasting menu (18 courses!!), which was no more than amazing. A few courses stood out as more interesting than others, but it was overall a good experience. One of the two head chefs at Gastrologik took care of us the whole night, and told us everything we needed to know about the courses we were served. The cheese actually got served in the kitchen – pretty cool, and Chris and I got a little tour of the kitchen as a nice end to a lovely evening.


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