Iceland Itinerary

Here comes our Iceland itinerary! We actually got five whole days due to our flights being an early morning flight on our way to Reykjavik and a late flight on our way back to Oslo. I’d say we made the most of it and had the best short week exploring Reykjavik.

Day 1

When arriving at our hotel at around noon we were told our room wasn’t ready, but that we were more than welcome to store our luggage at the hotel. So we did and went out to check out Reykjavik.

Harpa Concert Hall

After walking for a couple of minutes we got to the harbor and could not take our eyes off the massive building a few meters away. It turned out to be the famous Harpa concert hall, so we went in to have a look. The building is inspired by the nature of Iceland and the northern lights. Such beautiful architecture. We ended up having lunch at the concert hall restaurant and watching a 360° effect nature movie at Harpa.


Exploring Reykjavik

After visiting Harpa we just went around Reykjavik to get to know the northern most capital in the world a little more.


Day 2

Day two was my boyfriend’s birthday, so we were set to celebrate! I had ordered strawberries and champagne to our room for breakfast, but unfortunately it didn’t show up. When we also learned that our northern lights tour was cancelled, I honestly got really mad. Everything went wrong! But after our hop on hop off adventure, the strawberries and the champagne were waiting for us in our room (on the hotel, non the less), and we got a recommendation on a nice place to eat in the evening when the cruise should have set off to find the northern lights. So despite a couple changes of plans, it turned out to be a great day.

Hop on hop off Reykjavik

If I’m being completely honest this bus ride wasn’t really necessary. It takes you around reykjavik to the most famous tourist attractions, but it turned out that the ones we wanted to see were mostly within walking distance. Except Perlan. But when we got to Perlan we learned that the whole thing was under construction and that we wouldn’t really experience anything there. Another addition to this already failing day!


But we luckily got to see spectacular church Hallgrimskyrkja. You get an amazing view of Reykjavik from the tower. You have to pay a small fee, but it really is worth it.


Northern Lights Cruise 

Unfortunately our pre-booked northern lights cruise got cancelled due to overcast. A huge bummer, but we made the most out of it and went to a nice restaurant called Burro, which you can read more about here along with a couple of other great restaurants in Reykjavik.

Day 3

Golden Circle

Day three and time for Golden Circle. I feel like you cannot go to Iceland without experiencing this whole day bus tour of the grand nature of Iceland. Waterfalls, geysirs and craters. I booked all of our tours through, and we weren’t disappointed. They even gave us our money back for the cancelled northern lights tour, so they are a safe bet when planning your trip.





Day 4

For day four we chose to hold our options open and not book anything before we got to Iceland. We looked at massage options, but figured that was something we could make happen at the Blue Lagoon, so we decided to pay the Icelandic hoses a visit instead.

Horseback riding, Lava Tour

I booked our horseback lava tour at Íshestar (I somehow managed to read “I she star” instead of “Is hestar”, lol) the night before we set off to the lava covered nature. So the next morning we were picked up by a shuttle bus and taken out to the horse farm, where they offered a wide selection of lendable, warm clothes and boots. We all got a horse (NOT a pony) each, and started riding them towards great, snow covered mountains. I think my horse’s  name was Rapdur, while Chrisophers was called Dandelion.

There’s clearly something with me, volcanic islands and horses, haha. I did the same thing when living in Hawaii.


Day 5

Blue Lagoon

Another thing you can’t miss when in Iceland. It is recommended you either go to the Blue Lagoon when you first arrive in Reykjavik or the day you are leaving. This is because of the location being close to the airport.

We went with the premium experience which includes a drink, algae mask, silica mask (which is available for everyone), reservation at Lava (restaurant) and robes. We also had a 30 minute in water massage. What a way to end a perfect trip!


Major tip: Stay hydrated!! We were in the water for three-four hours, and I got the biggest head ache on our way home. Nothing a little ibuprofen couldn’t fix, but anyways, drink water!

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions!



2 thoughts on “Iceland Itinerary

  1. Iceland has been way, way up on my bucket list for a long, long time now. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. But hey, we can’t have it all. I dream of going to one of those thermal baths while it’s super cold outside. These pictures just make me so jealous haha. What time would you say is the best time to visit Iceland. I’m not necessarily interested in seeing the Northern Lights so that doesn’t have to be taken into account but I do love to hike, and explore the beautiful nature Iceland has to offer. Would love to hear from you, really enjoyed reading this post.

    Would you by any chance be interested in sharing some of your travel experiences? We’ve got a cool contest running at that I think might be right up your alley. Be sure to check it out at! Some pretty sweet prizes up for grabs too!


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