Top 3 restaurants in Reykjavik


Dill is the first restaurant in Iceland to receive a Michelin star, and it is not without reason. This new nordic, culinary experience will blow you off your chair and be a memory of a lifetime. At least it was for me! But it has to be mentioned that this was my first time ever dining at a Michelin restaurant. You just don’t forget about something like that. We went with the seven course meal, and trust me, we were not dissapointed.

Dill is located in the city center of Reykjavik. The venue is small and intimate with dimmed lights and a lot of character. I think I picked up on the venue being a barn in it’s earlier days. I mean, it has a “secret” door on the wall.

We booked our table no less than two months before eating there. My chef boyfriend predicted that this restaurant would have a Michelin star by the time we got there, and sure enough he was right. I’m sure you can get away with booking a little later, though, after the Michelin buzz has calmed down.

Dill Restaurant, Hverfisgötu 12, 101 Reykjavík
+354 522 1522


This restaurant was surprisingly enough located in our hotel. So just a couple stairs away from our room we got to enjoy the beautiful view of Reykjavik at night, and enjoy a good meal.

While Díll goes for the new nordic style, you find Gillíd in the classic, French category with white table cloths and at least four different forks. That sets a basic girl like me pretty much out, haha.

Here my belief is that you can pretty easily book a table. But be quick! Rumor has it that this restaurant will close in the summer.

Radisson Blu Saga, Hagatorg 107, Reykjavík
+354 525 9960



Burro was the wild card during our trip, and a surprisingly good one so. We stumbled upon this Latin American inspired tapas restaurant after a quick visit at ROK (also worth visiting), where the staff recommended this restaurant.

The venue is definitely inspired by a latino home, with rugs and cactuses. It suits the concept and gives a cozy feeling.

We ended up with a good amount of different dishes, and all of them satisfied both my eyes, mouth and belly. Yum!

After a good, filling meal, head up to Pablo Discobar (this name is just killing it) upstairs to enjoy a drink or two.

Veltusund 1, 101 Reykjavik
+354 552 7333




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