One day in Copenhagen

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis weekend I went to Copenhagen with the student paper Unikum. On our first day we visited two different papers and focused more on learning. On our second day we had the whole day free and decided to go sightseeing in Copenhagen. Everything is walking distance in Copenhagen, so you kan see a lot during just one single day. Let me take you through the places we visited.


We stayed at an AirBnB in Hellerup just outside Copenhagen, so from there we took the bus to Nørreport Station to start our day of exploring the city.

Scurry Hub



After reading good things about this little thai café on TripAdvisor we decided to try it for lunch. I had the Chicken tamarind with cashews while my explorer partner Henrietta tried the fried noodles. We were both really satisfied for a good price.


Not far from Scurry Hub you find Rundetårnet, which is a part of the Trinitatis church. On the top of the tower you find an astronomic observatory, but it is mainly open for tourists to overlook the beautiful city of Copenhagen for only 25 kr. It is a good idea to start your day here, so that you can see the city and all the things you want to do!

Paludan Bog & Café


The night before we went past this charming book café on our way to a bar, so we had to pop in for a short visit. Some of our friends decided to stay to play chess and have a good time. It is a good place to stop for some coffee and maybe even a little pastry.




From Paludan we made our way through the main shopping street to Nyhavn. We stopped at shops like COS and United Colors of Benneton before we reached Kongens Nytorv and then Nyhavn. Nyhavn was actually the only thing I knew I wanted to visit prior to arriving in Copenhagen, because of the colorful, charming buildings I’d seen online. We stopped for a drink and an apple pie at the Hereford House and people-watched for a few minutes.

Amalienborg Castle

Amalienborg is only a short walk from Nyhavn, and it is the castle where the Danish royalty live during winter. Walking there we kept saying “This does not look like somewhere a castle would be”, but sure enough around a corner from a pretty deserted street these magnificent buildings popped up!

The Marble Church


This amazing church is right by Amalienborg. When we got inside the organ was playing, which made it a touching experience. I had to snap some photos, even though I didn’t really want to make any camera noises.

Copenhagen Street Food & Copenhagen Contemporary


From royal and religious experiences we crossed the bridge over to the hipster side of town – Christiania. Here we visited the outside of CC where Yoko Ono now has an exhibition where you can write a note with you wishes and put it on a cherry tree. I bet it will be beautiful in April!

Right next to CC you find Copenhagen Street Food, an industrial building filled with little shops and trucks with food from all over the world. As you can see it is pretty crowded, so Saturday might not be the best place to go. But I got ahold of a delicious falafel sandwich from FalaFala, so I was pretty content.

Christianborg Palace

By crossing another bridge we got to the Christianborg palace. There is also a tower here where you can overlook the city, but because we had already been to Rundetårnet we decided to skip the tower here. We just walked around for a bit admiring the amazing architecture.



At this point our feet were pretty tired so we decided to take the 1A bus to Kastellet. It is a star shaped citadel from 1626 that looks really cool on the map! Right next to Kastellet you also find the famous statue The Little Mermaid. Kastellet was our last stop on our day of exploring before we found our way back to Nørreport and our bus.



Right next to Nørreport Station you find Torvehallerne, which is pretty much alike Copenhagen Street Food. We visited Un Mercato at Torvehallerne the day before we went sightseeing, but it would be a good place to stop before heading home from Nørreport.


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