How to survive a big city shopping trip with only a carry on

Tomorrow I’m headed to London to meet up with my high school besties Anita and Malin. Anita is on her third and last year as a journalism student in the city, so it is about time we pay her a visit. Being a student myself, I’m always looking for the best prices both when it comes to booking fights, bus tickets, clothes, food – honestly everything. So when going to London this time I booked the cheapest flight, which only includes a carry on and a small personal item. That itself is actually pretty smart, cause it saves you a lot of time at the airport. But if you are a big shopper like me, it is good to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve to get the most out of your luggage. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

LUGGAGE: Take advantage of your small personal item and bring a small backpack. My Fjällraven backpack seems small, but can contain pretty much if you just decide it will. Just make sure it will fit underneath the plane seat. And of course bring a bigger carry on that fits the airline’s measurements.


CLOTHING: When traveling I’ll be wearing a black pair of jeans, a sweater and outerwear. Other than that I’m just bringing underwear and socks for the weekend, plus an everyday jumper, and a nicer and lighter blouse. I’m prepared for a lot of shopping!


MAKEUP & TOILETRIES: From going back and forth from Kristiansand to Oslo this fall I’ve learned to love my travel sized products and samples. The smartest thing I’ve learned is to put liquids that normally have big containers, such as foundations and moisturizers, into sample jars. You get them at makeup stores like Sephora and Kicks, and it saves you a lot of space and weight. Seal them with a bit of tape to make sure they don’t leak out all over your stuff. Also save samples of hair products and soap for when you are going traveling! Invest in a translucent cosmetic bag to save yourself a lot of time at the security check.


Did you get overly eager and bought more clothes than your suitcase can handle? That’s an easy fix – just wear them!


Safe travels!


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