Four Days in LA

My feet are currently safely back on Norwegian ground, but before I got that far, I got to spend a few days in LA with my mom. She came to visit in Hawaii, and to make the trip home feel a little shorter, we decided to pay the city of angles a visit. Neither of us had been in LA before, so we were both excited for what this city had to offer. We had four whole days there, and this is what we spent our days doing:

Santa Monica → Venice Beach

On our first day in LA we took the bus from our hotel (in Hollywood) to Santa Monica Pier. We rented two city bikes from one of those city bike racks there, and made our way down to Venice beach. It was a nice experience, which caused for a lot of good people watching. People on different kinds of bikes, roller-skates, skate boards and runners were all making their way up and down the promenade. After the little bike ride, we spent the day at Santa Monica Pier and did a little shopping at the Third Street Promenade.


A Guided City Tour

When you visit a new city for such a short amount of time, a guided city tour can be a smart option to get to see the most. The tour we chose picked us up from our hotel and took us to  Downtown Los Angeles, Griffith Park, Hollywood Boulevard, Beverly Hills and the Farmers Market. A day well spent in LA!

The Citadel Outlet

Coming from Hawaii I already had two fully packed, huge suitcases, but when you are pro shoppers like me and my mom, you can always fit in some more! We went to the Citadel outlet on 4th of July, which made for even more discounts and good deals. Good for the shopping heart, but a pretty bad idea for the wallet. The good thing is that I am already mostly done with this year’s christmas presents, haha!


Universal Studios 

On our last day in LA we went to the Universal Studios theme park. Both my mom and I have visited Disney World in Florida before, but I have never been to Universal Studios, so I wanted to take the chance when I had it. You know, when in Rome… My mom wasn’t too excited about going to an amusement park (she does not like rollercoasters and is a tad claustrophobic), but it ended up being a wonderful day. The highlight for me was to visit Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. Don’t forget to try the butter beer!


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