How To Kill Time On a Long Haul Flight

It’s finally summer time (even though it is always summer in Hawaii), and that is equal to vacation time for a lot of us. To get to your dream vacation destination, a flight is in a lot of cases necessary, and even though it will probably be worth it in the end, there is no denying that flying can be a pretty boring experience. As an experienced flyer myself, I’ve picked up a few tricks here and there to make the flight ever so comfortable, and lucky for you – I’m here to share them!

For me it is soon time to head back to my dearest Norway, and that means that I have to travel for more than 24 hours straight. Luckily I’m staying in LA for about week, and that really helps on portioning the flying time, and making the trip seem a little shorter. None the less, I have more than 12 hours of flying a few weeks ahead of me, but I’m not worried. I’ve got it all covered.


Don’t think time 

My first tip is that you should not think too much about how long the travel is going to be. Yes, know how long your layover is, how long the flight is and how long your whole travel is, but once you are in the air, just be. It is just going to bum you out looking at the watch all the time. “Ugh, only 9 hours left”. No, just let time be time and enjoy your flight. The pilots will let you know when you are there, anyways. 😉

Inflight entertainment 

On most long haul flights you have your own entertainment screen these days. Take the chance to watch a new movie that just came out, or watch a few episodes of your favorite show.

Bring your own entertainment

Maybe you want to get some work done on the plane, or read a good book? I love listening to podcasts, so I always make sure I have downloaded some episodes before flying. A good source of entertainment is also those popular coloring books for adults. They give you some peace of mind.

Set the clock to destination time

This is a tip to avoid the worst jet lag. Set your mind to the time zone of your destination and try to live by that time. Maybe it is time to get some sleep? Over to the next tip. ↓


The best way to kill time is to sleep. A lot of people have trouble sleeping on a plane, but if you can, try and book a seat where you know you will feel at least a little comfortable. For me the best sleeping position on a plane is to lay my head on the tray table in front of me. I know, it looks ridiculous. But it works! Taking a sleep aid might also be an option for some.

Plan your trip

Make a list or program of what to do when you reach you destination. This will make you so excited about getting to your vacation spot, that you just forget about the time.

Pay for inflight wifi

If you have the option to, I really recommend paying for inflight wifi. It is usually not too expensive compared to how many hours you spend in the air, and it gives you some time to chat with friends or even research what to do when you reach your destination.




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