The Waterfront Lofts

I have decided to write this blog entry in English, so that it might help others who wonder what it is like to live at the Water Front Lofts at Hawaii Pacific University. I know I did a lot of googling before coming here! Hope this can be of any help. 

I moved in at the Water Front Lofts at the Aloha Tower Marketplace on January 6th 2016, which basically means that I have only lived here almost two days. I was a little ahead of everyone else living here, so I currently have the whole crib to myself. I like that. I was also a little ahead of house keeping, which might have given me a little more of a bad first impression than necessary. Did not like that as much, but the house keeper definitely made up for that today.


I live at a loft (there are also studios available), where there are two separate bedrooms (one on each floor) as well as a big bathroom, separate shower and some sort of a common area, which includes a kitchenette with a fridge, microwave and a hot plate. And also: the mirror in the bathroom is definitely selfie approved. Two girls live in each bedroom, and I must say that even though I have not met any of my housemates yet, my roommate seems to have a good taste in shoes. Unfortunately we do not have the same size. It seems like I’m the only new student at our loft this semester, but like I said my housemates seem really nice (I even got a welcome e-mail from one of them), so I think this will turn out great.

May I just quickly add that it is possible to get a loft with both single and triple occupancy bedrooms.

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It seems like the lofts are pretty new, the whole building actually seems pretty new, and that is a good thing as far as I’m concerned. The place is not at all shabby or worn out, and it doesn’t seem like a lot of people have lived here before. The loft also has kind of a European interior feel to it, which I must say is a big plus. It makes me feel more at home, since I’m Norwegian and all hehe. All students are assigned one closet, one desk and one chair as well as a bed. But be aware that you must buy your own comforters and linens. That you can do at Ross or Walmart just across the street. Super convenient! The only thing that wasn’t as convenient for me, was that Ross only had one extremely pink comforter set left when I went there, so my housemates might think I am eight years old if they see this before I introduce myself. Other than that my bed is now is pretty pink, nice and butterfly-y.

My little tribute corner to Norway (and Kate Spade)
My (the eight year old) side of the bedroom.

The Waterfront Lofts are located at the Aloha Tower Marketplace in Downtown Honolulu, right next to the famous Aloha Tower. I was told that the Aloha Tower once was the tallest building in Honolulu, and that it was the first thing sailors would notice from sea when arriving here. I find that to be pretty cool! At first, when I looked at Google Maps, I thought the location of the lofts was a little off, but after I got my bus pas this morning, it turns out it is no problem getting around. But I must say that the busses are a little slow around here, due to a billion traffic lights in Honolulu. On that matter I actually think Honolulu should take a lesson from my hometown Haugesund, and exchange some of the traffic lights for roundabouts. Fun fact: we only have one traffic light in Haugesund. So I might go with a faster Uber ride once in a while. Anyways, the location is great when going to HPU. The lofts are a 4-5 minute walk from any of the university buildings, and the Aloha Tower Marketplace is also a part of campus! Plus you get to see the beautiful sunsets from the harbor here. My view from my bedroom window is actually a luxury yacht at the moment. Maybe I’ll hitch a ride some day.


Feel free to ask me any questions! 🙂


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